Our Growing List Of Features

Operational Features - Mobile

Bookings listed by arrival/departure date
Edit check-in/check-out times
Add booking payments
Share payments URL’s
Add booking notes/comments
Block dates on your calendar
Payment alerts system
Attach pictures and receipts to bookings, payments or rentals
Share images
Chat with your teammates
Customizable push notifications.
Available languages: English/French/Spanish/Catalan

Manager Features - Website

Revenue statistics & reports
Occupancy statistics & reports
Channel statistics & reports
Customer data statistics
Custom filters for all of your statistics
See your staff's uploaded pictures by rental
Accounting, track your incomes and payouts:
  • Create Statements per groups of Rentals
  • Define your recipients: rental owners, cleaning staff, taxes...
  • Customize your payments in each Statement
  • Track the payment status of each Statement and Payment
  • Export Everything or even email from the web application
Available languages: English. More to come soon!

General features

Custom access permissions per role or user
  • Administrators
  • Rental managers
  • Cleaning staff
  • Check-in agents
  • Rental Owners
Rental permissions for each user
App for your Guests:
  • Receive Payments from guests
  • Itinerary to your rental, Instructions on Wifi and Automatic Doors
  • Assign Contact persons and phone numbers
  • Rental Guide in as many languages as you please
  • Easy setup for your guests to install the App
Premium support from Rental Ninja
Rental Ninja Help portal
10 years of experience in the Rental Business with EasyFlatBarcelona

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