VR Management Made Easy

We BookingSync , and like you, manage a fair amount of rentals, so we decided to scratch our own itch:
A BookingSync management tool for your whole team: Rental Managers, Check-In Agents, Cleaning Staff and even Rental Owners.
Reliable Information

Access and modify vital information anywhere, anytime, from any device. Pictures, Payments, Client Information...

More Information
Team Synchronized

Sick of having to chase your staff to update information? We've got you covered!
Alerts and Roles will help your team know when something needs attention.

Statistics and Accounting

Detailed reports and accounting utilities within Rental Ninja. Vacation Rental accounting is hard and we'll make it a breeze! That's a promise.

Real Time Management. Don't wait until you or your peers get to the office!

Make sure everything is always up to date from the palm of your hand. Add payments, add payment receipts, call the clients, block dates on the calendar. Oh and did we mention roles make sure everyone does only what they should and not more?

Give Rental owners the possibility to block dates on their own. Make sure your cleaning staff always has the latest information, and that check-in agents know if a payment is missing.

Add visual proof to whatever happens.

Something broke and you need to notify the client or owner? Attach pictures to payments, bookings or even rentals to keep track of everything that ever happened.

Share Alerts or Pictures through WhatsApp, Mail, etc. from within the application or attach them to your invoices if something needs to be payed by the client or the rental owner.


This is just the beginning of what we're planning to do, but here you have a glimpse of everything that can already be done.

Simple Pricing 2€ per rental

Our pricing is related directly with the number of rentals you manage. You get unlimited users and access no matter how many rentals you have.

How many rentals are you managing?
No booking fees, no commissions and unlimited users per team.
Questions about pricing? CONTACT US
*VAT depends on the country on which your company is based on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have answers

How does the free trial work?

A whole month of unlimited access for everyone in your organization. No limits.

Do I need to choose plan?

Plans are automatically selected for you. If you ever remove a rental, a discount will be applied in the next invoice.

What happens if I add a new rental?

You will only be charged for the days left in your billing cycle for that new rental.

Can I cancel my account?

Yes, for sure, you can cancel your account anytime you want. If you ever want to come back, please let us know through the contact button.

What payment types do you accept?

We debit your credit card each month. We accept pretty much all debit and credit cards in the world.

What is covered with my subscription?

Your payments will cover all of your data protection, security, server hosting, maintenance and costumer support.

Check out our ONLINE MANUAL for other questions you may have, or contact us directly

Give us a Try!

If you feel you need something not included in our product, contact us and we'll try to develop it for you!
Yes, YOU READ THAT RIGHT! You know better than us what you need, so let us know and we'll make sure to make you happy